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The Cost of Flooding

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Flood Preparedness

Although there are three large dams on the Boise River, it is still subject to flooding. Flows have reached or exceded the 7000 cubic feet per second (cfs)flood stage five times since 1982. Flows reached 9840 cfs in 1983, and 8260 cfs in 1998. Many people are impacted when this occurs. Most homeowner's policies do not cover floods.

Flash flooding is a deadly natural hazard. Certain gulches in Ada County, including Cottonwood, Hulls, Crane, and Stuart, pose a flash flood threat. Check out these flood-related materials:

Boise River Flood Inundation Maps

This interactive map depicts fifteen different flow rates of the Boise River from just below Lucky Peak Dam to the head of Eagle Island. The flow model used provides the best analysis of flooding and flood depths that it can. However, high water events are dynamic and flood waters could end up in areas not depicted on the map. The flood inundation map contains large amounts of information. Computer performance and internet connection speeds may affect the map's ability to display all of the flows. Try the High Resolution Map first. If the map does not display properly, please try the Low Resolution Map

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